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"Also known as the wild swine or the Eurasian wild pig, the wild boar is native to most parts of Europe and Asia. It is also one of the most spread and adaptable mammals in the world, characterized by their bulky bodies, coarse fur, and prominent shoulder hump. Their head is shaped and used as a veritable plow, allowing them to upturn considerable amounts of soil and rocks weighing 40 - 50 kg (88 - 110 lb). A wild boar can run up to 40 km (25 mi) per hour and jump obstacles above 1.50 m (59 inches). Boars are highly social animals and tend to live in groups. Hunters should take considerable care as boars are very tough and will not hesitate to defend themselves if threatened."
― In-Game Description

The Wild Boar is a medium-sized kind of swine (class 4). It can be hunted in three areas, Hirschfelden Hunting Reserve, Medved Taiga National Park, and Cuatro Colinas Game Reserve.


Behavior Easily agitated and aggressive
Habitat Deciduous forests and open fields
Senses Excellent hearing and sense of smell
Social Highly social and vocal animals. Lives in medium-sized groups
Active During night
Recommended Equipment Class 4 Ammo, Wild Boar Caller, Wild Boar Scent
Species Sus scrofa
Difficulty Average

Need Zone Times

Need zone times are identical in all three reserves, Hirschfelden Hunting Reserve, Medved Taiga National Park and Cuatro Colinas Game Reserve.

Times Activity
00:00 - 03:30 DrinkingZoneIcon.svg Drinking
03:00 - 07:30 FeedingZoneIcon.svg Feeding
07:00 - 11:30 RestingZoneIcon.svg Resting
11:00 - 15:30 RestingZoneIcon.svg Resting
15:00 - 19:30 RestingZoneIcon.svg Resting
19:00 - 23:30 FeedingZoneIcon.svg Feeding
23:00 - 00:30 DrinkingZoneIcon.svg Drinking

Shot scheme

Color code
Wild boar shot scheme.png
Red - Kills immediately
Blue - Kills very quick
Orange - Kills slowly
No Color - Unlikely to kill

Fur variants

Fur Type Brown Light Brown Black Gold Albino Melanistic
Rarity Common Common Rare Rare Rare


  • It is named "Sanglier" in French.
  • It is part of the original animals of the game since its release.


Patch 1.64 (10 December 2020)

  • Fixed Clashing with The Deer, Wild Boars Raving and Hunting for Gold hunting missions in Hirschfelden so that it’s no longer necessary to harvest an animal inside a hunting pressure zone

Patch 1.49 (10 December 2019)

  • Introduced in Cuatro Colinas Game Reserve

Patch 1.20 (12 June 2018)

  • Added variations to wild boar attack call

Patch 1.17 (1 March 2018)

  • TRESSLER #6 - required boar harvests changed from 4 to 2, required equipment changed from the .454 Rhino to any handgun

Patch 1.12 (17 October 2017)

  • Introduced in Medved Taiga National Park

Patch 1.00 (16 February 2017)

  • Introduced
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